SETS TEST - Engineer

1. Ships may only discharge processed bilge water from machinery spaces into the sea if certain
very specific criteria are being met. Which of those listed below is correct?

2. Which Marpol annex deals with the regulations for the control of pollution by noxious
liquid substances in bulk?

3. What should you do if a purifier starts to vibrate badly?

4. Freon is being phased out gradually as a refrigerant, why?

5. Whilst taking over the watch, besides verifying standing orders and the actual
conditions of the plant, tank levels and operations, what order important matter should
you verify?

6. What will you do when the density of purifier oil has increased?

7. The heat plate exchanger is separated for cleaning, what should you do if the plates are
thick with scale or other organic material?

8. Flash point of oil is the temperature at which..

9. Most pumps on modern ships are driven by which of the following.

10. Positive displacement pump are…

11. Which of the following are safe practices in engine room?

12. Why Freon R22 is being phased out gradually as refrigerant onboard?

13. When taking over watch in engine room, you should verify that steering gear is…

14. Why is a stern header tank fitted above the sea water level?

15. Which of the following is most appropriate action if you find sea water pipes leaking in engine room?

16. What is the minimum hours of rest and maximum hours of work for seafarers in any
24 hour period according to the MLC regulations?

17. What do you do if an engine crew is not competent to do his work or not safe doing his watch duty?

18. How do you carry out “megger test” correctly on the motor winding on board?

19. In marine diesel engine, the piston runs up and down inside of the following?

20. If one generator running on the bus bar tripped and caused a black out during maneuvering,
which of the following action are most appropriate for you to take?

21. Which part of diesel engine component requires the most frequent maintenance?

22. A typical permit to work form contains the following

23. How does manual of permitted operation (MOPO) works?

24. What is the immediate measure to be taken in the event of fixed fire detection system failure?

25. One of disadvantages of using carbon dioxide to extinguish a fire in an enclosed space is?

26. To determine whether or not an adult victim has a pulse, the rescuer should check for the pulse at the

27. A refrigeration system compressor crankcase is SWEATING or unusually cold. This is an indication of

28. Physical data on a material safety data sheet (MSDS) which describes chemicals that produce health
effects requiring medical attention where damage may be permanent but is neither
life – threatening nor seriously disabling, is called

29. White smoke was observed emitting from the main engine uptake funnel during maneuvering whereby the
engine’ s rpm was increased rapidly from idle/ neutral throttle position.
What is the reason for this white smoke

30. Why common tap/ untreated fresh water is not recommended for engine cooling system?