SETS Test for Deck Officers

1. At night in a busy fairway, your vessel underway suddenly lost power and the propulsion system breakdown. What are the lights you shall exhibit?

2. Your vessel is stationed within 500m of the floating platform located more than 12 nm from land. What are the conditions regarding disposal into the sea of food wastes?

3. You are on watch in a congested waiting area, you suddenly hear 3 short blast from the vessel on your bow, what is the other vessel’s intention?

4. In the field a small Cargo vessel is overtaking a Supply vessel. Which vessel is required to keep out of the way of the other vessel?

5. You are onboard a Tugboat which is towing on open waters when a Sailing vessel is sighted off your port bow at medium range. Which vessel has the right of way?


6. What type of vessel is this?


7. What does the buoy above indicate?

8. At night, what light characteristics the buoy in question no. 7 is showing?


9. What does this vessel indicate?


10. What type of vessel is this?

11. During Voyage Planning preparation, how is the passage planned and calculated?

12. What is the minimum hours of rest and maximum hours of work for seafarers onboard the vessel in any 24 hour period according to the regulations?


13. What type of mark is this?

14. What does this mark / buoy in no. 13 indicate?

15. In a narrow channel, the Cargo vessel intends to overtake the Supply vessel on her starboardside, she indicates her intentions by sounding what signals on her whistle?


16. What type of vessel is this?

17. How do you determine if risk of collision exist?


18. At night in the approach channel you met a vessel displaying the above lights, what is her intention?

19. Under the STCW Code, what is the meaning of STCW?

20. You are on watch and you observed a leading light. Immediately you took the bearing of this light when in transit (transit bearing) from the bridge wing. Bearing taken was 259 °. On the chart, the leading lights’ bearing is 263°. What is this indicates?

21. How is a draught of 7.5 meters read from a draft mark?


22. What type of mark is this?

23. What does this buoy/mark in no. 22 indicate?

24. Your Master has written in the Night Order Book to wake him up at around 0330 to 0400H as he expects a high consentration of fishing boats in the area on that time. However, at around 0330H you could only see 2 fishing boats in the vicinity and upon checking on the radar up to the range of 24 miles, there are no other boats except these 2. What would you do?

25. At sea during daytime, you sighted a vessel displaying two black cones with their apex pointing to each other. What does this indicate?


26. The observed vessel is on a steady bearing. Range is reducing. What action would you take?


27. This vessel is observed right ahead at a distance of 3 miles - what would be your actions?


28. The lights displayed by the other vessel indicate that she is?

29. In making a good passage planning, what are the phases involve?

30. Being the OOW on duty, what will be your initial action when you hear MANOVERBOARD?